My imaginery magical musical journey

World music

Since attending WOMAD in Auckland in 1999 I have been into music from all around the world. In this particular WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) I discovered some performers who remain favourites now:

  • Yungchen Llamo (Tibet)
  • The Drummers of Burundi (Burundi)
  • The Bluehouse (Australia)
  • Gjallarhorn (Finland)
  • The Jews Brothers Band (NZ)
  • Shiv Kumar Sharma (India)
  • Trilok Gurtu (India) and The Glimpse (Germany)

Some of these performers I’ve gone on to see perform again – The Bluehouse did a concert in Wellington and Shiv Kumar Sharma has been back two or three times. I long to see and hear Yungchen Llamo perform again.

Musical experiences to date

I’ve already had some pretty cool cultural experiences overseas such as seeing the Bolshoi Ballet Company perform in the Kremlin Theatre in Moscow and the St Petersberg Ballet Company performing Gizelle in St Petersberg. With an Aussie mate, I enjoyed a performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in London. I’ve seen a small number of popular artists perform in New Zealand – Kylie Minogue (I love her latest music, not the 80s stuff so much), Michael Buble, Russell Watson, Amici Forever, Bon Jovi. In Auckland recently I had a night free and discovering that the Lexus Song Quest Final was on, I purchased a ticket and enjoyed a fabulous night – we have some amazingly talented young people in New Zealand.

I remember walking around Prague (Czech Repuplic) in 1996 and noticing a number of theatres selling tickets to live performances. I’d had difficulty buying even easy things (i.e., McDonalds) in Prague due to the limited number of people who spoke English and my non-existence Czech or German language skills. So I decided that buying a ticket to one of these shows was going to be too difficult. 18 years later I still wish I’d made the effort to go to a concert – next time I most definitely will.

My world travel dream

If I had the ability (plenty of money and no responsibilities) to travel the world, I would do so with 2 main interests in mind – wildlife photography and live music, dance and theatre.  My blog project for 2015, starting now on 24 December 2014 (because I can), is to profile those artists/bands/performers and their shows that I would attend if I could.

Now, where shall I start?

Author: JD