Review: Google search secrets
The New Zealand Library & Information Management Journal (NZLIMJ)
December 2014

From Levin to Silicon Valley: a paper presented at the 2014 LIANZA Conference
October 2014

The Palmerston North City Library as ‘place’ in times of recession
Library Life
June 5, 2009
Observes the wide variety of activities and patrons using the library on a cold, wet autumn Wednesday night.

Where when what … a new approach to library website navigation
Library Life
March 2007
Backgrounds the new website for the Palmerston North City Library, launched 6 Mar 2007.

Jet setting with Edith Jessie Carnell
Library Life
June 2002
Encourages librarians to apply for the biennial Edith Jessie Carnell Travelling Scholarship, and explains what she got out of being the recipient in 2000.

There and back
Library Life
July 2001
Describes the author’s itinerary on the Jessie Carnell Travelling Scholarship to look at document delivery in academic libraries in North America and Britain, and to attend the 10th National Assn of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference in Colorado.

Northern exposure : distance services the American way: a paper presented at the 2001 LIANZA Conference

The professionalism of New Zealand Library assistants
The New Zealand Library & Information Management Journal (NZLIMJ)
September 2000
Describes a 1999 online survey on Lib-FL of NZ library assistants about their duties. Discusses their professional situation compared with overseas, notes library qualifications available and some overseas professional bodies for library assistants

Review of Adult le.arning for work and life: adult and community education and vocational education and training in Germany and Great Britain by Brown, T.
New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning

LA-SIG approved
Library Life

New LIANZA SIG proposed
Library Life