Yungchen Lhamo – Tibet

Yungchen Lhamo

Wikipedia says

“Yungchen Lhamo is a Tibetan singer-songwriter living in exile in New York City. She has won an Australian Record Industry Association award for best Folk/World/Traditional album, and was then signed by Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Record label.” Wikipedia

more about Yungchen Lhamo (from her website)

I first encountered

Yungchen Lhamo at the Grand Hall, Auckland Town Hall at WOMAD 1999. It was the most perfect setting for such a moving musical experience. She was dressed in white and I was entranced and captivated by her voice. She was joined on stage by an amazing male throat singer for a couple of songs. I’m really drawn to Tibetan music and the culture. Perhaps it’s my interest in Buddhism. I’ve always felt that the human voice is the most incredible musical instrument – Yungchen is a beautiful example of a finely tuned human instrument.

Listen and watch

Upcoming performance

Wednesday 28 January at the Symphony Space, New York


Author: JD